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Encouraged by freedom- loving thoughts, our aesthetics, patterns and colors are based on german expressive art and contemporary fashion one can see on international runways. 


The patterns are characterized by an interplay of moments close to the body and moments away from the body.Using  a mixture of flowing fabrics with rough materials underlines the interplay of the silhouette.  


The color world always shows complementary contrasts, which increases the color intensity and thus a loud, yet harmonious picture is drawn.


CO-DE is designed to elicit a reaction or even an action from the viewer and wearer.

About Our Leather




The strength of contrast is also mentioned in the use of materials. 

Flowing fabrics with a very delicate effect meet rough materials that come from the field of sportswear. Thus, the look gains dynamism, expression and quality with a unique touch. 


Using appropriate Materials is key for our design methods. All the materials used in the collections are either sustainable materials or sourced from already existing stocks.
We are working towards a circular system, in which we design for circularity, use recycled materials and re-integrate it after it’s use. 



In addition to waste prevention, it is important to us to use materials that are of high quality and eco-certified in Europe. Further, we work with manufacturers who guarantee fair and respectful working conditions. Our prototypes and samples are all developed and implemented in OUR Studio near Düsseldorf, production takes place exclusively in Europe.




Some companies maintain a short Friday to ring in the weekend. We do it other way and have introduced a "Resourceful Friday", where we use the time window to find the flow for creating innovative solutions for fabrics and trims we already have on stock. 

 Our focus is based on experiments in developing new surfaces made of a mixture of old materials that we dye or reweave. 


Above that, the Designer itself is an expert for playful embroideries and appliqués that can be made of unusual trims you wouldn't expect. 

The design of our revival collection will be formed during the process and brings out a completely new look that talks for itself. 

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